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Adhesives, Binding Tape, Blades Staples Screws and Nails, Brooms, Carpet, Carpet and Vinyl, Carpet and Vinyl, Carpet and Vinyl, Ceramic, Commercial, Concrete Restoration, Extension cords, Finishing and Removal, Grouts, Handiwrap, Heat Tape and Misc Tape and Silicone, Laminate, Misc, Moisture Meters, Mouldings and Trims, Protection and Underlayments, Rubber and Sports Flooring and Stairwell Solutions, Rubber Flooring and Stair Treads, Sanding Products, Setting Materials, Speciality, Tackstrip and Underlayment, Tile and Stone, Tile and Stone, Tile and Stone, Tile and Stone Installation, Tools, Vinyl, Wood and Laminate, Wood and Laminate, Wood and Laminate

The Powerhold brand was established in 1999 by a group of the largest floor covering supply distributors in the world. Known as the F.C.D.A. (Floor Covering Distributor Alliance), these wholesale distributors sell all of the products needed to install any type of flooring imaginable. In some instances, they sell the actual flooring.

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